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1. All following posts will be relevant to the original topic.

2. All threads started in this section will contain a picture or a video.

3. Do not flame others' work.

4. Do not post your topic more than once. This is spamming and duplicate posts will be removed.

5. Do not "bump" your post to bump it.

6. When posting your work expect to get all kinds of feedback. Remember that some may not be what you like to hear. Learn from it and grow.

7. When giving feedback do so in a construtive manner. If you are going to say you don't like something let them know why. If you say you like something let them know why.

Please remember that these guidelines and rules are dynamic and are not limited to just these seven rules posted. They may change at any time, so stay up to date.
For breaking above rules you will be warned/banned appropriately!
 I have read, and agree to abide by the FloridaSPL rules.  

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