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Default Official Alpha Damp Review by Legendary754

Most Importantly:

Let me start off by saying I apologize for the long and overdue review of such a quality product. After about 4 weeks I finally feel I have enough experience with the product where I can finally develop and report my assessment.

Secondly I would like to say thanks to:
Second Skin Audio:thumbsup:
Larry aka MasterMod:thumbsup:
Anthony C aka CacoAdmin:thumbsup:

Alpha Damp


Upon receiving the product I first noticed the pride that SecondSkin takes in creating the product as they place an American Flag atop of the box. My order consisted of 20 sheets each sheet measuring up to 1.06sqft of material in which I was to use instrumentally to deaden my trunk. At first glance the sheets look like any other deadener material from any other company that however is as far the comparison goes as each sheet was tremendously heavy compared to industry "Substitutes" like Peel and Seal.

Vehicle Info

1996 Grand Marquis

Place of Application:
Trunk lid (for starters)

System that create need for such a product:

2 Audioque HDC315's Dual 1ohm @ 40hz
1 Crescendo audio BC3500D
1 mechman 270xp
1 XS Power d3100
2 runs of positive front to back
4 grounds for the front battery and charging system
2 separate grounds for the rear battery (D3100)

Miscellaneous Info: Voltage stays above 13.4V at full tilt.

When i entered the contest I went in knowing that no product being produced (industry wise) would cure my ailments of a annoying vibrating trunk. As you all know the trunk in any crown vic, town car, or Grand marquis is quite large and has a relatively flat surface creating a breeding ground for trunk rattle and flex among other things.

The plan:

Minimize trunk rattle and maximize bass response accuracy and of course SPL. SPL of course is icing on the cake I knew that this for me at least would be inaudible and non measurable as I dont have the benefit of a SPL meter or know of any immediate locales that own one.

Methods of Application:

__________________________________________________ _______

In problematic locations I intentionally doubled the material because my only purpose was to deaden the trunk ONLY even if that meant using 20 sheets to do so comfortably. ( as mentioned above the most troublesome area of the trunk lid is the rather large surface area with minimal contours.

What did I expect:

I expected the product to perform on above with what i had previously used, which was 3 layers of peel and seal. I expected no more than the bare minimum for what you would usually find in the price range, I guess you can say I expected the name of the product to represent its actual value.

What did I get:

I got a product that did the job in only 7 sheets :D, Yep 7 sheets remember earlier when i said I'd be willing to use the entire box in all honesty I only needed 7 sheets oh and two of those 7 sheets went on the rear quarter panels as they were also a problematic location for me.

The value came in the form of the product, not the commonplace of the name (Secondskin) but the extra time spent using real world situations to develop a product that can both effectively and efficiently get the job done with little to no experience, a simple tool and will power your everyday daily driver or hardcore SPL addict cold benefit from. :thumbsup: You need to look no further than the fact that this particular company was courage enough to allow the opportunity for average people non professionals like myself to essentially provide a means to distribute the product. All things considered it would have been much easier to use the voice of some well known enthusiasts but they choose people like you and I to get the word out for an excellent product. Now I listen to Bass that is both fuller, louder more impactful, with NO rattling sound that creates a war for sonic headroom. It's all just a sweet symphony of Boom and Wham :D:rofl:.

This product truly represents the pinnacle of performance with an unbeatable price championed by a Research and Development team you can trust to deliver.

Dislikes if any

I have to be truthful here. I wouldn't change anything from packaging to product I love when companies can keep things stupid simple.

Final words if any:

Seriously:toetap:, I have seen the threads arise from time to time from forum to forum if anyone is thanking about purchasing a product for the chief principle of deadening any panels of any type of vehicle, I encourage you to save your money and find a way to get you a quality product like Alpha Damp.

Why you say... It is a product you will only need once.

No dubble rolls to compensate for the cheap and outright paper thin products.
It's simple physics in order to stop anything solid from rattling or vibrating you need to add weight. the money you will spend in Substitutes and Alternatives cold be used to get pure quality.

I will be accepting any and all questions in regards to the product as they are asked so just line up and grab a mic.

Also I will try to upload a video by tomorrow for you all to have something that is animated and visual.

To Second Skin, Larry and Ant again I appreciate the opportunity to review and use a great product that not only provides and excellent value but raises the bar for the competition within this industry. Also just want to apologize for the length of time it took me to review the product.

Thanks :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Good deal, Is there a door kit? Meaning ones that are pre-cut for the cut outs in the front doors and what not. Interested in the product.
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not to my knowledge, I believe they all come square however you can cut them to shape with a box cutter its not hard at all.
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