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1995 Ford Bronco XLT sub and box build

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1995 Ford Bronco XLT sub and box build
this was my first time building my own subs but wanted to do it to say that i did and try my hand at it..to be honest i'm glad i did, they turned out ****in awesome and it was a fun project. i shopped around for another battery to power the new amp with and lucked up when i found a shuriken BT120 for $60. A good friend across the way hooked me up with the wire i needed to carry the current and another good friend, jim, helped me come up with the box design. i was finally able to start the build on the subs after waiting for almost a month for the soft parts to arrive in the mail and had to wait for the 2nd 8" aero in order to start the box build. the timing couldn't had been more perfect because i finished the subs before a 3 day weekend and it took all 3 days of that weekend to build the box and install everything. the amp turned out to be a perfect match but anyway...on to the pics..i'll get a vid as soon as i can

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