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Some Installs I've done!!!

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Some Installs I've done!!!

"Two Tone" Regal

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96 "Dr. Pepper" Caprice 2-15" Kicker CVX 2-Kicker ZX1000.1 Amps/Kinetik 800 "Dr. Pepper" and "Car Tune" Logos "Dr. Pepper" custom interior Door panels/dash/headliner/a b c Pillars all vinyl wrapped! "Two Tone" Regal 2-12" TREO subs/ RF Sub Mid/High Amps 2647255_12_full.jpg Nissan 350z [All RF System] 1-12" P3 Sub. All Fiberglass ported box Logoing is so much fun!!! HPIM0846.JPG All RF amps!! No wiring seen here!!!!!
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Created: 05-29-2007 09:29 PM
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Author Comment Date
SOUTH BOUND good stuff! i can use a few pointers! 12-15-2008
tunes002 lookin good 06-06-2008
droppedisuzu . 06-15-2007
droppedisuzu I wish they did pay for the logo?? 06-03-2007
maxpl how did dr. pepper pay for that logo? 06-02-2007
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