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91 Chevy S10 new project

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91 Chevy S10 new project
My new project. its droped 5" in front and 7" rear not bagged yet.

Valor 7.5" flip out
4 - 10" mids - 2/door
4 - 4" horns - 2/door
kicker 350.4 - mids/highs
6 - 12s in wall in bed as bandpass
rear window removed and made into 2700 sq" port
sub amps - unknown but currently have a kicker 800.2and kicker zr600 - might use 1 of theese
thats in my driveway. some of you remember the sable next to it from some of Rads shows

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side view before i started primering it and lowering it lowered and mostly primered bucket seats. this is before i removed the rear window suspension drop finnished. its 5 front and 7 rear. im 6ft tall just to give an idea of how low it is lowering blocks in the rear and lowered springs up front thats in my driveway. some of you remember the sable next to it from some of Rads shows this is how far ive gotten on the primer so far still need to primer the bed and tailgate. went with light grey because its going to be blue when i this is the bed before i put the hood on. the rear window is going to be the port. i built a frame a got the visor over the window. it will have blue led lights inside it when i get done this dragon hangs from the mirror. im going to have 3D dragons throughout the paint my tag lights. yep their blue and all LEDs even the lights behind it this is a drawing of the bandpass designe. was 4 15s but now its 6 12s the rear chamber is made up o this was the box in my sable. its in the truck now untill i get the 12s in. its 2 orion xtr pro 15Ds the kinetik hc600 and the kicker zx350.4
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